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ECRID Lenders want to approve you for a home, car, retail credit, credit cards, loans and much more.

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ECRID has created an innovative credit evaluation platform giving the public a second chance to establish a new creditworthy history, thus a new level of experiencing getting approved for financing through ECRID Lenders based on their ECRID Credit Report. 
ECRID helps individuals manage and have control of their finances. Individuals start out with a 950 positive ECRID credit score based off of four or more creditors. The individual can maintain a positive 950 positive credit score by simply just paying their bills on time ie. electric, water, cable bills, etc. An ECRID positive credit score will qualify an individual to submit applications for loans to ECRID Lenders to try to obtain loans for a car, house, etc.  
ECRID has experienced staff and customer service support personnel to assist with questions as it relates to the ECRID platform and its lenders. Unfortunately, it's easier to lower your credit score than it is to raise it with the existing credit reporting agencies so that is ECRID was created to help educate and give individuals a second chance at a new credit report.

Individuals sign up for their ECRID credit profile through a secure encrypted area on the website where they will be able to access information on ECRID Lenders along with viewing their most updated payment information, upcoming bills, reports and monthly expenses. By providing basic personal information ie. name, address, telephone number, email, etc., an individual will be enrolled as an ECRID member along with their login and password.  

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With ECRID Credit Evaluation™ you will get:

Online Bill Pay

With ECRID Online Bill Pay, you can pay your bills to insure payments are made which updates to your ECRID CREDIT REPORT.

Bill Pay Alert

Receive email alerts when a bill is coming due so you never have to be late paying a bill. Bill Pay Alert will help you keep your ECRID Credit Score perfect.

Score Monitoring

Receive monthly emails with your ECRID CREDIT SCORE to keep you abreast of your ECRID CREDIT SCORE. Know your credit worthiness and improve your life.

ECRID Lenders

ECRID Lenders will look at your ECRID Credit Report and proof of Income to make decisions on your credit worthiness to get you approved for a home, car and much more.

Referral Program

Every ECRID Member can earn $50 for every new ECRID Member they refer that purchases A ECRID Credit Report.